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Many women today would love to invite friends over on the weekend, but they are too tired to clean, and too embarrassed to show the mess.

We clean your house for you during the week, when you’re busy doing a million other things, so you can have a life come Friday night! 

What our clients say

We have the best client’s out there and we are so proud to be helping them out! 

Finally! I got my weekends back.

Having Mommy Mops help out keeps us on top of the mess and encourages us to keep the house clean between visits. It’s so nice to feel in control! 

Shanna Dennis
Business owner, wife and mother of 2 small boys

Thank you! Thank you!

It is nice to have the whole house clean all at once. When it was just me, either the kitchen was clean or the bathrooms, or the bedrooms, but I never had enough time to clean the whole house at the same time. Thank you for filling in the gaps!

Jessica Smith
Wife and mother of 2 teenagers

Smells so clean!

I love coming home from the office to a clean smelling home! Thank you!

Shelly Watson
Business Owner

Why we are different

We clean whatever comes up!

Mommy Mops is membership based, so you have a flat rate fee that includes our time on a consistent basis. We show up and clean whatever you prioritize for that week at no extra charge to you. And if there’s nothing special required, we clean it like you’re having company over. 

You don’t have
to do it all! 


Long gone are the days of telling your children to go outside, and play and to come back when the street lights come on. And that was prime cleaning time!

Families today are spending more hands-on time together, and that’s a good thing!

So don’t feel bad about wanting help! 

The cleaning company you don’t have to clean for.

I want to let you know that behind the instagram filter, we are all living in messy homes!

If you are considering asking for help with cleaning, but you are too embarrassed of the state of your home – don’t be! I promise you, there is no judgement at Mommy Mops.

Once your bi-weekly membership kicks in, you will notice that the house stays cleaner longer, and you will have the time to stay on top of other things like laundry, or maybe pick away at that “catch-all” area that has been growing for years!

(Yes… we all have those areas!) 

As a mother of 3 beautiful (yet messy) girls I understand!

stephanie rayton signature
Stephanie Rayton
Founder & Managing Partner – Cleaning Services & Client Bookings


What we’re doing during the COVID-19 shutdowns

Recently the government of Canada announced that publicly funded schools will remain closed until April 5, 2020 to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Mommy Mops will continue our regularly scheduled services within this timeframe, but we need to ensure our staff is not exposed to COVID-19 through completion of jobs during this time.

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