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Did you know:

We pair each of our clients with tidy techs who
match your personal cleaning style.

Find out which of our custom cleaning profiles matches your style
by filling out our questionnaire below.

Our tidy techs aren’t maids, they’re home management assistants who really love to clean.

So, by filling out this questionnaire, you’ll help your home management team ensure that your personal standard of clean is met on every visit.

Amazing, right? We thought you’d like that.

You know what’s even cooler? The quiz is actually pretty fun!

I mean, Dee wrote it, so there’s that…. But we decided to do it Buzzfeed style. You know, so you wouldn’t get bored.

In 3 minutes or less you’ll have your very own Mommy Mops cleaning profile. You ready?

what else?

before your consultation, it’s a great idea to get familiar who we are and what we do.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Mommy Mops difference.

Why Mommy Mops?

That’s the million dollar question we expect to answer everywhere we go.

If we didn’t have you hooked with our judgement-free service offerings, we might win you over with the fact that we are reducing employment barriers in the community.

How, you ask? By hiring folks who otherwise might not be able to work during traditional timeframe. You know – moms!

What should you know before you hire us?

That our goal is to make your life easier. We’re on a mission to help people in our communities embrace the concept of home cleaning differently. We aren’t “maids” or “the help” – we’re personalized home management teams here to help you maintain your beautiful spaces.

That basically means that while our tidy techs expertly clean your homes and offices, we’re also creating a social movement around empowerment and self-acceptance.

Frankly, we want more women to feel comfortable in their homes, in their skin, and in their communities. 

what kind of culture are we building?

Well, since you asked… we’re building a culture of empowerment.

What does that look like?

  • Open and judgment-free communications with our team members and clients.
  • Built-in feedback from our teams, our community, and our partners.
  • Growth opportunities for women who might be facing employment barriers nationwide.

what else?

Well, there’s the list of frequently asked
questions from new clients, of course!

Scroll down to see what most people ask us.

How much will it be?

We know this is THE burning question. The thing is, we need to be able to see your space and create a plan based off of your personal needs.

That said, as of January 25, 2020 our starting rate is $49/hour for one cleaner to attend your home and complete a standard clean.

Are we insured and bonded?

Yep, and we’re also covered by WSIB.

Do we bring our own cleaning products?

Yep, we bring all our own equipment and supplies. That said, we recommend that you have a vacuum for us to use for sanitary purposes.

Do we do fridges, stoves, deep cleaning, or laundry?

Well, aren’t you eager! We do offer these kinds of services for an added fee. We just need to be aware of your request before we visit.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Presently we do not offer cancellations. It’s mostly because once we’ve booked you, we’ve already scheduled the staff to ensure your job is done. Due to that, we will reschedule your cleaning service if something comes up. Just make sure to give us as much notice as you can.

What’s the weather policy?

The safety of our team is of utmost concern, so there are times when we will pull teams off the road due to poor weather conditions.

If that happens on a day where you’re scheduled for a cleaning service, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment.

How are keys and key codes handled?

We upload client door codes into a secure file, so only the person attending the job on the day of your scheduled clean will have access to your key code.

Physical keys are stored in a secure lock box. The keys are checked out when tidy techs are coming to clean your home, and checked back in after your service has been completed.

will i have the same cleaners every time?

We do our best to keep the same teams in the same homes. It’s really just because each tidy tech team learns the custom cleaning style of their regular clients – making sure we hit your personal standards each and every time.

That said, a big part of our accessible hiring culture is that we offer flexible schedules for when life stuff happens.

That’s basically a long way of saying that if your personal tidy tech isn’t available, someone else who loves your style will happily fill in.

What are the mommy mops service areas?

We presently service the areas between Brighton, Stirling, Deseronto, and Prince Edward. Based out of Belleville, Ontario, that means we service Trenton, Belleville, Carrying Place, Quinte West, Corbyville, Demorestville and everywhere in between.

See the map below to get a visual understanding of our service area:

What if the tidy techs miss a spot?

We do our best to see your home through your eyes. That said, we are human and there are times that we will make mistakes.

To better serve our clients, our tidy techs complete a custom cleaning checklist while they’re servicing your home. This helps to ensure that all of your special requests are completed to your standards on every visit.

But back to your question – if we miss a spot, just let us know. Feedback is crucial to us, so we won’t be offended. From there we’ll add a special note to your file to ensure we don’t miss it on your next clean.

what about all the random questions you didn’t think to ask?

no worries, we’ve got you covered!

(But really, it’s getting down to the fine details here, Becky.)


What if my most recent Amazon Prime order gets delivered while you’re cleaning?

Good question! If a package is delivered while we’re working, we’ll bring it inside the front door – but only if we don’t need to sign for it.

Why? Well, simply put, postal insurance doesn’t cover it if there’s something wrong with it and we’ve signed for it.

So, if they ask for a signature, we’ll just tell them to come back later / leave you a door tag.

What about mojo? will you let him out if you’re cleaning and he needs to go?

We’re gonna’ assume that Mojo is your dog…

(I mean, if you’re storing a human that will ask to be let out to pee, that’s super weird.)

If he’s friendly and you’ve let us know that we can let him out, we will.

The thing is, if he bites us, we might never come back again. We aren’t kidding.

What’s the policy on Closed doors? or What if there’s a room I don’t want anyone to see?

If there’s a door that’s closed, we’ll knock before we go in to clean it. It’s on you to reply if you’re having a nap in your birthday suit. (Let’s not make it awkward.)

Other than that, if there’s a room where you’re keeping juicy secrets (AKA a pile of stuff that you’re embarrassed to have anyone see), just let us know not to clean it and we won’t. Simple enough, right?

Will you be going into drawers and cupboards?

If you want us to make ourselves at home and put dishes away, we will upon request. If not, we don’t go there.

What if I had a DINNER party THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU’RE SCHEDULED, or MY kid was up sick all nighT and my house is messier than usual?

If you’ve had a crazy night or morning, that’s fine. We’ll come in and put things where we think they go. From there, we’ll work off of your priority list to get the house as clean as possible in the timeframe we have you scheduled for.

last, but not least, if i smoke inside of my home, you can’t come clean it?

Yep, it’s a bummer, right?

But seriously, it comes down to the safety and well-being of our tidy techs.

Also, because our teams are often moving from client to client with no opportunity to change uniforms, it’s a matter of professional hygiene. Look at it this way, at least you know we care about client satisfaction!


Wow! you’re still here?

that’s commitment! we appreciate YOU.

The thing is, we’re running out of things to say! Have you seen our blog? It’s getting fuller as we go, but there are at least 2 or 3 fun things there for you to read now. I mean, you’ve already come this far.

What we’re doing during the COVID-19 shutdowns

Recently the government of Canada announced that publicly funded schools will remain closed until April 5, 2020 to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Mommy Mops will continue our regularly scheduled services within this timeframe, but we need to ensure our staff is not exposed to COVID-19 through completion of jobs during this time.

read more